Moulin rouge vs the great gatsby

October 27, Moulin Rouge vs. So DiCaprio used his newfound clout and spent most of the next 15 years locating projects in which he would be scourged and tormented, his features crumbled with angst until all hint of callow youth had been stamped out. In fact, the entire movie soundtrack or at least everything I remember is modern rap and hip-hop songs.

All of this means that we really don't like any of the characters. Our ideals of pure love while it may be quashed by social mores are validated and unquestioned.

Moulin Rouge! (2001) Discussion

Its pointy turrets suggest the Magic Kingdom, its terraced gardens are almost confectionary. Do we need the over-the-top direction to circle, highlight, and draw flashing arrows to these ideas, too.

The character has become an archetype of self-made American men seeking to join high society, and the name has become synonymous with successful businessmen with shady pasts in the US, dealing with prohibition. Tobey Maguire, who is kind of a dork, is the main character, who is…kind of a dork. Ethan Anderton on Dec 19, 15 agreed.


These people's lives are so vacuous that they live at top speed, always in search of the next thrill. And one of the things Fitzgerald did very successfully was take all things new and modern, take pop-culture and put those in his novel. Making matters easier for us, Tom becomes a bigger jerk, less humanely drawn.

The Great Gatsby UltraHD Blu-ray Review

The uncanniness of this high-definition unreality crests early, in a moment when Carraway looks out of the suite where he is presently ensnared in a party — and looks down to see himself looking back up from the street.

A beautiful party girl, she is swept away in a love affair, only to abandon it as soon things turn sour, regardless of the consequences. That sort of thinking often leads to the very best sorts of adaptations, the ones that forge unique identities as works of art on their own merits see Apocalypse Now.

Much like the theatre. On the surface they were show folk, painted and eager to be rich and famous. Today, on a bus ride back from Minneapolis where I went this weekend, which was fun except for the Husker game. It's still just a trailer.

The Great Gatsby : Review

Come on now, this looks great. But then, how could we.

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That bit of casting is more than a token outreach to the subcontinent market. Now he wants to take her away from Tom, and he needs Nick's help. The Daisy Gatsby loves is in those fading words and promises in Louisville, five years before, a ghost roaming the West alongside the diametrically opposed ghosts of the rejected father, Henry Gatz, in North Dakota and Minnesota.

In Luhrmann's Gatsby, the wildly zooming and panning camerawork depicts Gatsby's parties with kaleidoscopic intensity, colorful and incomprehensible as a club. This was fucking cringe-worthy. It's safe to say he's the one who if not created that juxtaposition between contemporary music and period settings, he definitely made it mainstream and awesome.

My favourite Maguire film is Wonder Boys, where his offbeat energy works well for the character of writer James Leer.

Where, really, can one go from there. Kevin on Dec 19, 3 What don't you like about how this looks. Best of all, Wright puts enough faith in his audience and his own direction to avoid expositional dialogue or voiceovers to reiterate what the camera work has already told us.

Also the film scores, costumes and set design evoke more of the emotion Scott Fitzgerald must have intended in the book. Adapting Novels with Great Prose I recently watched two movies. But underneath they had troubles and passions and kind hearts.

Pictures, a Warner Bros. The director has such a modern, honest vision for the film and it looks so visually and cinematographically GREAT. Wright manages to transform the writer's vocabulary of words, sentences, and punctuation into the language of film, and the result is stunning.

The toll of this enthusiasm will be, on a grand scale, thousands dead, and on an intimate one, broken hearts stirred to look both forward and back to a horizon that beckons silently. Jay Gatsby is an outsized part that requires a movie star, in the classical, Valentino sense.

Scott Fitzgerald laid down a big drumroll build-up before his title character, the mysterious host of West Egg’s maddest parties, finally appeared in his novel. Find thousands of amazing costumes and true vintage clothing at Dallas Vintage Shop, Dallas-Fort Worth's biggest costume store!

We supply high-quality costumes and vintage attire to. Oct 27,  · The Great Gatsby, in musical terms About a week ago (or so), Cassie and I watched Moulin Rouge, a strange, incredibly unique stage-like story, entirely full of covers of popular songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s.

The internet has been in a state of hysteria all day over last night's big reveal of the trailer for Baz Luhrmann's highly-anticipated The Great Gatsby. Scored by Kanye West, Jay-Z and Jack White, and brimming with amazing period costumes, it's two minutes of roaring twenties decadence with appeal.

So it is impossible to find When not even you can achieve to obtain it, for certainly you would have shared it if you did.

Film Review: ‘The Great Gatsby’

Like the director's other worksespecially Moulin Rouge--The Great Gatsby is noticeably, unmistakably Luhrmann's and whether or not you believe in his vision is largely dependent on your.

Moulin rouge vs the great gatsby
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